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Our Business Model

J. R. Cobern, CPA is a sole-proprietorship, one-CPA company. Thatís not too uncommon...there are thousands of individual CPAs in the U.S. that have their own company.  But my company isnít your typical public accounting firm.  I donít have a fancy downtown office, and I donít keep normal business hours.  Since 1987, I've provided personalized services to a small group of families and businesses.

I really can't overemphasize this point.  My business is built around providing individual service to individual clients.  I want to get to know each of my clients well, so I can provide them with timely, professional financial advice and services based on their unique situation. 

I do not limit my practice to serving only certain types of customers; however, most of my clients are either business owners or executives and their families.  I am also proud to work with several families who do not currently fit into one of these categories, but who, for various reasons, need the help of a qualified CPA.

Over the years, Iíve learned that most business owners and executives spend their days serving their customers...and they donít always have time to meet with an 8 to 5 accountant. So I meet with many of my clients during the evening hours or on weekends. Of course, I also meet with clients during ďnormalĒ business hours... and hardly a week goes by that I don't meet at least one client for lunch or breakfast.

That's basically it.  I am a full time certified public accountant - providing a broad range of personalized professional services to a small group of successful individuals and their small to medium sized businesses. I also supplement my capabilities by utilizing a trusted network of bookkeepers, attorneys, investment advisors, and other CPAs that Iíve known and worked with for years. 


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